Ray Titus UI/UX Designer  President of United Franchise Group

President of United Franchise Group

I have worked with Chris Simnick for over 20 years. Hebrings a wealth of knowledgeof franchising from both theoperational side as well assales. He has always been areal “professional” in everysense of the word. I would encourage any franchise organization to do business with Chris if they are looking to grow and be more profitable.

Constance & Pedro Ruiz Founding Owners Vivafit & Pilates Fit Portugal

Synergy Franchise Group hashelped our young franchisecompany Vivafit find theanswers to all the questionsthat a new franchisor needs.From the Senior Managersresponsible for their areas,Chris’s knowledge andexperience has beenextremely valuable andtransferable to theinternational market. Theprinciples of franchising haveno boarders and our companywill be one of the excellentfranchise companies inEurope thanks to Chris’scoaching us in many differentareas related to franchising.

Leeward J. Bean President and Chief Executive FrogBIG FROG Custom T-shirts & More…

As a start-up franchise, we were looking for assistance in growing our franchise business and brand; we were struggling with direction and lead generation, until we found Chris. In March of 2009 we hired Chris Simnick to assist us with infrastructure and franchise development.We found Chris to be an excellent teacher and mentor, his background and insight was extremely valuable in our growth and development. With his help and guidance we were able to achieve and exceed or 2009 goals; but more importantly, we were able to build an infrastructure that will allow us to grow in a logical, organized and structured manner.Mr. Simnick’s 30+ years of experience enabled us to complete all our manuals and training modules in an efficient and timely manner. We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished with Chris’assistance. Not only was building the infrastructure important, but he also helped us develop an in-house lead generation system that will allow us to grow for years to come. His methodical method to in-house franchise development is fundamentally sound and realistic.I would highly recommend Chris as a consultant; he is easy to work with, highly intelligent, motivated and has a true love for the franchise business. Please feel free to contact me and I will be delighted to discuss his work ethic, compassion and knowledge.


Cheryl R. Babcock, CFEDirector, IIFE Nova Southeastern University

Chris always providedinsightful comments, real-world examples, and apassion for franchising whilehe was participating incourses at the InternationalInstitute for FranchiseEducation (IIFE) in his questfor CFE certification. Wenow have him sharing hisvast experience, knowledgeand enthusiasm as one of ourhighly ranked instructors

Jeff Martin CEO/FounderDNA Services Of America

From the first moment I metChris I knew that hisexperience, work ethic andgrasp of our concept wouldprovide us with the guidancewe needed. Chris alwaysgives more than you expectand helps you be the best youan be.

Jackie Jordan and Chris Gaba, Founders of Central Bark Doggy Day Care

Chris has been extremely helpful forour business to get on track and bebetter franchisors. His years offranchising experience shows in theway he is able to problem solve andcome up with solutions. My businesspartner and myself feel we havemade a very good decision to haveChris on board consulting with us andour company.

Patrick Flynn CFB

We make a life by what we give, andhaving known Chris for more than 24years; I can assure you that he has, andwill continue to give everything he can tohelp others succeed. He has dedicatedhimself to helping others achieve theirgoals. Chris was instrumental in myintroduction to franchising. He coachedme for several years in regards tofranchise sales, franchise support andbusiness development. No words couldpossibly express how thankful I am forChris’s impact on my life’s work. He is asharp, intelligent, caring individual whoexcels in everything he does. I wouldhighly recommend Chris for any projectyou may be considering of him. Chris hasan incredible depth of knowledge andunderstanding in a broad range of fields.He is dedicated to helping others succeedand he would not hesitate at putting theneeds of others before his own. He holdshimself to the highest levels of integrityand it shows in all that he does.

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